Comprehensive Approach to Senior Developer Interview (40+ example questions)

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As a senior developer with 20+ years of industry experience, I faced situations in my career when rejections came as surprise.

In my Medium articles, I emphasized several times:

The most difficult factor in senior developer interviews is the mystery factor.

The key skill that every developer needs to ace a senior developer interview is reflection

This book is the result of my personal reflection on a wide range of behavioral questions. While it addresses how to answer questions based on popular STAR format, it also goes one step ahead by helping to tackle the non-STAR format questions, too.

This is not simply a guide to ace behavioral interviews. Sample answers involve deeply technical aspects - asked regularly in FAAMG senior interviews

The approach suggested in this guide helped me surmount an 18-month long unemployment period - the longest in my career. (20+ serial rejections as an experienced developer)

In a similar spirit, I truly believe this book is of immense help in senior developer interviews, with roles surrounding:

  • Coding
  • Architecture
  • DevOps
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40+ example questions spread in 170 pages of intense analysis

The yet-unseen HR viewpoint
History behind current interview format & psychology background
STAR methodology
Explanation and motivation behind STAR format
8 STAR format interview questions
Example Answers with in-depth analysis
17 Additional STAR format questions
Workout questions with hint answers and in-depth analysis
15 non-STAR format questions
Example answers with in-depth analysis
Question variations
Learn how one question can be asked in several ways
11 Interview tips
Mental tricks to retain confidence and exhibit smartness
9 Hints for company values
Quickly decide the essence of the question
100+ useful English words to help you speak on the D-day
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170 pages

Comprehensive Approach to Senior Developer Interview (40+ example questions)

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